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ELECOM SPOON Wireless Mouse

ELECOM SPOON Wireless Mouse
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Manufacturer: ELECOM
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Simple, Pure, Elegant and Delicate as Silver Products


"Spoon Mouse" wireless mouse, like as elegant and detailed silver products, adding to your fashionable lifestyle. Special oval shape, with enhanced three-dimensional degree. 125g in weight, but also achieved stable operation of sense reality.


* Use of wireless frequency 2.4GHz, in iron and other magnetic body can reach 3m, while the use of non-magnetic body distances of up to 7m.


* Containing ultra-small receiver, does not account for space is easy to carry. Circular design makes it easier to plug. When not in use, it can be stored at the bottom of the mouse.


* Scroll wheel up and down in addition to the basic operation with your fingers around the wheel to tilt the screen can move left to right, look at Excel and other files in the special facilities.


* Spoon Mouse with Class 1 high-precision laser sensor, resolution 800 count / inch, to be more accurate, read any slight movement, more stable operation. Elegant "Spoon Mouse" presented in 3 colors: Johnny Walker Black, Crimson Red, Ivory to suit your taste.




Corresponding OSs

Windows 7/Vista(SP1~SP2)/XP(SP2~SP3)
Mac OS X(10.5~10.5.8,10.6)





Reception mode


Radio waves


Battery and Usage Time

Continuous operating time: approximately 60 hours,  continuous standby time: About 125 days

  Usage Time

Predict the possible use of time: 28 days (assuming 8 hours of computer use in 1 day, 25% of the time in operating the mouse)

Waves arrive from

Non-magnetic body (wooden tables, etc.): about 7m  Magnetic (steel tables, etc.): approximately 3m
※ manufacturing in-house test values for reference only

Shape and Size

Mouse body: W65.7xD88.3xH40.2mm Receiver: W15.0xD29.3xH7.0mm


Mouse body: 115g (without batteries)
Receiver: 2g

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ELECOM SPOON Wireless Mouse
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ELECOM SPOON Wireless Mouse
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ELECOM SPOON Wireless Mouse
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ELECOM SPOON Wireless Mouse
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